Smart Business Cards will be the most popular networking tool in 2022

Smart Business Cards will be the most popular networking tool in 2022

In 2022, virtual business cards will be the rage, making it the most innovative way to share your business information in one single tap.

Read this quick guide to making your business card digital.

A smart business card, also known as an NFC (Near-field Communication) Business Card has an NFC Chip and a QR code integrated inside and  is a quick and paperless method of sharing your company’s or business contact information. A NFC Business card is similar to a traditional printed business card, however, it is much more affordable and can be customised and designed to your liking.

How to get an NFC Business Card?

Create an Excel spreadsheet with your staff contact information and the design you want to print on the card. Pass this information on to the 360 Smart business card team, and they will handle the rest, including giving your HR team access to the dashboard and the Mobile APP to manage and re-program the cards. We will also deliver high-quality programmed Ntag 216 NFC digital business cards printed and branded to your specifications. That’s it; you’re now ready to tap and share your contacts with your clients.

Advantages of a NFC business card?

For starters, they are extremely convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly (100% paperless). You can avoid carrying large number of printed paper business cards. Instead, you carry one smart business card. In addition to the standard information, you can include your company’s logo, profile picture, social media handles, website, and location pin, all of which are clickable with interaction. You can also change or edit the content of your business card as needed.

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