Get your first Digital Business Card in 3 Easy Steps

Get your first Digital Business Card in 3 Easy Steps

Bored of carrying your traditional business card that can contain only limited information? Well, it’s time to upgrade, get savvy and go digital. Introducing the 360 Smart Card that is 100% paperless and a one tap solution to share your business details into your client’s mobile devices.

How does the 360 Smart Business card work?

When you tap your 360 digital business card to the recipient’s NFC-enabled smartphone, or if they scan the QR Code, your business contact information appears on their mobile screen. The information can include the name of your company, your designation, short bio, home or office addresses, social media handles, contact information, etc. The recipient can save your vCard and add all of the information to his or her phone device’s contact list.

3 Easy Steps to get your Digital Business Card

  1. Contact the 360 smart card team and let them know how many cards you require for your organisation.

2) Create an excel sheet with your staff’s contact information and the artwork to be printed on the cards.

3) Our team will activate your organization’s dash board, create profiles for all of your employees, programme the printed cards, and deliver them to your office.