360 Smart Business Card

The Best NFC Business Card for 2022

After smart wallets, the smart business card or the electronic business card is all set to take over the digital space. And the 360 Smart Card is setting the standard with its innovative features.

Let’s take a look at some of these winning features: –

The 360 Smart Card system’s dedicated dashboard allows you to edit and update your information with a few simple clicks on your desktop or mobile device.

  • The platform is powered by a fully secured system and backed by the modern NFC technology
  • It has a dedicated Mobile App access for corporates, making it the most effective and easy way to reprogram the smart business card.
  • Its well-designed display splash screen can be customized to your liking with attractive templates or design
  • It is NFC and QR Code enabled which makes it work on almost all mobile devices.

You can choose from our affordable pricing packages that are based on the quantity of cards you require for your organization. Once your smart business cards are ready, they will be shipped to your address with a few easy steps.

The 360 Smart Business Card can be used for a lifetime and is the most convenient way to share information with your prospective clients or other business owners.